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Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th January 2010


Pete Randall has compiled the following profiles on the Brisca F2 drivers who will take part in the Oval Racing Spectaculars being held in the Autosport International 2010 Live Action Arena at the NEC, Birmingham on Saturday 16th January at 6pm and Sunday 17th January 4.45pm.

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7 Gordon Moodie - Windygates, Fife

Quite simply Gordon is one of the most successful drivers in the history of Brisca F2 racing; he was the World Champion in 2006 and has won numerous other titles as well as holding the Silver Roof as National Points Champion from 2003 to 2007. He is the current European Champion, F2 English Open Champion, the UK Champion and he has also won the World Cup event staged on the continent for the last three years. There is little more I can add about the man from Fife in Scotland; he starts the 2010 season as the favourite for well………just about anything really.

38 Dave Polley - Manea, Cambridgeshire

Dave has just completed one of the most arduous racing calendars that anyone has ever undertaken in a racing season, when he competed in 103 out of 104 possible meetings from 28th February until 15th November. He was also very successful and won the Scottish Championship at Cowdenbeath, however his real goal was the National Points Championship which he not only won but has set an all time record for the number of points scored in a season. A superb effort by a very talented driver and I just wonder what he can do for an encore in 2010.

78 Henry King - North Brink, Cambridgeshire.

Henry was a convert from Superstox at the start of 2008; he found the going hard at first but gradually got to grips with Brisca F2 action and was winning finals by the end of the campaign. He travelled widely through this season and gradually made the rise up to superstar in mid season. However a few weeks later Henry has a big crash which has seen him off the tracks in recent weeks after suffering severe car damage. I expect further progress from this young driver in 2010 and he looks a real prospect for the future.

100 George Macmillan Jnr - Glasgow

George, one of the top drivers from Scotland, always scores well and wins regularly at his home tracks of Cowdenbeath and Knockhill. He is undoubtedly a huge talent but does not complete regularly enough south of the border to be the same force on the English tracks. This is without a doubt a lack of experience rather than lack of talent that holds him back. I think that we have not yet seen the best of this young driver.

152 Mick Sworder - Eaton Socon, Cambs.

Mick won the World Championship in 2007 at Arena Essex and he continues to be a major player in any F2 event he attends. One of the most popular drivers due to his ‘take no prisoners’ style of racing, you can always be assured of action when 152 is around. Mick has won numerous other titles during his career which can be traced back over 15 years now. He prefers the tarmac tracks to the loose surfaces but is capable of good performances on the shaleways as he showed when winning the British title at Mildenhall in 2008.

315 Justin Fisher - Newton Abbott, Devon

Although Justin always does well at his local tracks of Bristol and Taunton, he is not averse to travelling and performs equally well where ever he appears. He is normally graded as a star man in the last two or three years and has numerous meeting final victories to his credit. However he has still to make the breakthrough to a major title win and I would not be surprised to see that win come in 2010.

401 Barry Goldin – Bolton

Barry has been racing Brisca F2 cars since the mid 1990's after a successful career in Ministox. He is very much one of those drivers who can say 'Been there, won that' as there is very little that he has not won in his career including a World win at Taunton in 2003. He also held the silver roof for three years in the years 2000 to 2002. Many other titles have come his way, he was at one time very much a tarmac specialist but nowadays Barry is just at home on the loose surfaced tracks as he is on the hard stuff. Still a major contender for any honour that is going around.

641 Dennis Middler - Carnoustie,Scotland

Dennis 'the menace' Middler has had his best ever season in 2009 travelling widely from his base near Dundee. He has performed with great consistency at Cowdenbeath and has racked up the points there as well as many other places on his travels. This has enabled Dennis to stay high in the points and has been in the superstar grade for most of the year. He now has to take things to the next stage and win a major Brisca F2 title, I wish him luck as he and his team put a lot into the sport.

676 Neil Hooper - Exmouth, Devon

Neil is nowadays probably the top driver from the south western region, he did not travel as widely in 2009 as he has done in recent years but he was still to be found at most of the top meetings and performing well at most of them. Neil won the world semi final last time it was staged at Barford; he therefore has every reason to look forward to the 2010 event that is to be staged at the same track. Neil is more than capable of taking the gold back to the south west, but if not the world I am sure that it is time something major came the way of the 676 driver.

647 Chris Burgoyne - Airth, Scotland

Chris became the youngest ever F2 World Champion in 2002 when he won at his home track of Cowdenbeath. He did not have a great year with the gold but in the years since has established himself as one of the top drivers in F2 racing. He has probably not won the amount of big races that he should have done and it would also be true to say that he is not the luckiest driver around, often suffering some kind of injury just when he is going really well. A real threat on any track in any race, another true talent from north of the border.

854 Robbie Dawson - Aberdeen

Robbie has had an amazing season in 2009; he led the World Final for half the race on a track he had never raced on before eventually placing second on the big day at Buxton. He has appeared at many tracks all over the UK and holds the astonishing record of not having suffered a nil score all season despite having competed at around 70 meetings. He is currently at an all time high of number three in the points and must see 2009 as an amazing base from which to launch an even more impressive campaign in 2010.

871 Mark Simpson - Skegness, Lincolnshire

Mark is one of the most popular and talented drivers in Brisca F2, a consistent winner fore many years but has appalling luck in major titles, he is so often second or third but he must bemoan his lack of getting on the top step of the podium, there would be no better time to put this right than in the 2010 World Final which is to be held at his home track of Skegness. One of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet, but I am sure he would like to be remembered as a World Winner as well as being a nice guy. I wish him luck.

886 Chris Bradbury - Winnersh, Berkshire

Chris has an outstanding season in 2008 in taking the points title, despite losing his silver roof to Dave Polley, it has been another super season for the driver of the 886 car. Chris won the British title at Arena Essex this year and also took the Grand National at Belle Vue which was a first ever big race win on the shaleways. Various other big race wins have also come his way as well as 20 final wins during the year. During the last few season there are now not too many titles that Chris has not won already, he now really wants the gold and it is at one of his favourite tracks in 2010. He is huge talent and I think there is more yet to come from Chris.

968 Micky Brennan - Nelson, Lancashire

Micky started 2009 as a blue grader who had not raced too much in 2008, however he was now armed with a new RCE car for tarmac, well Micky and the car immediately became good friends and a series of good results took him to superstar in May. Well he just looked even better from superstar and continued to easily maintain a position in the top four in the grading list. However all this was capped at Buxton on Micky's 21st birthday in September when he became Champion of the World after one of the best most mature drives I have seen. Like Dave Polley you wonder what he can do as an encore in 2010.

The new car of World Champion 968 Micky Brennan will be on display on the official BriSCA F2 stand on Hall 10 together with new cars of 38 David Polley and 798 Mark Sargent.

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